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Advance Muscle Integration (AMIT)

The AMIT technique practiced in our office has a proven history of diagnosing and treating neuromuscular-skeletal abnormalities in over 700 muscles in the body. Muscular imbalances lead to joint dysfunction, both of these can lead to pain, inflammation, poor biomechanics and injury.

The process of this treatment reintegrates proper muscular function to dysfunctional muscles. When the muscles contributing to joint movement are properly balanced, proper biomechanics are restored, inflammation and pain fall away. In it's most simple terms, we are resetting the fuses in your body.

The neuromuscular testing portion of this technique will identify specific muscles and regions of imblance that you may or may not even be aware of. We do not only treat injuries immediately but can identify problems before you may be aware of them and show you why something may feel off but not yet painful.

Testing will display how patients are unable to hold their dysfunctional muscles and post treatment the newly functional muscles hold up rock solid. Our bodies are amazing compensation machines, however they can compensate only for so long before they break down.

By reactivating your muscles we improve your biomechanics, decrease inflammation, improve proprioception, reduce pain, improve function and performance.